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    National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier S&T (Science & Technology) Organisation of Government of India in the field of Information Services and Information Technology (IT) applications and has been instrumental in steering Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applications in Government Departments at Central, State and Districts, facilitating improvement in government services, wider transparency in government functions and improvement in decentralized planning and management. To facilitate this, NIC has established a nationwide ICT Network- NICNET- with gateway nodes at about 53 Central Government Departments, 35 State/UT Secretariats and over 570 District Collectorates. The Government has designated the nation –wide Computer Communication Network, NICNET, as the Government Network. 

    NIC is offering network services over C-band and Ku-band VSATs. Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks(MANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs) with NICNET gateway for Internet resources to promote economic, social, scientific and technological activities, and also for macro-economic adjustment  programme of the Government.  NIC has  played  an  important  role  of an  “active” catalyst and “facilitator” in informatics development programme in Government at the National, State and District levels, during the last 25 years, which has made them take policy decisions to create “knowledge” societies that can exploit knowledge to derive competitive advantage using the opportunities provided by “digital technology”. NIC has been instrumental in adopting Information Technology and Communication Technology “ To reach out into India”(i.e. by implementing IT applications in Social administrations)

    The turnkey projects undertaken by NIC involves conducting of feasibility studies, identification of  & supply of hardware, application software, providing networking solutions for the users needs. Development & implementation of the software, training the staff on the software developed and providing required support services for smooth operations are also included in the services by NIC.

    NIC District Centre, Mandla was established in the late 80’s with an objective  to promote computer based informatics services to the State and Central Government Offices. Ever since, the NIC Mandla has been helping to various departments by providing the necessary IT support in various important Projects being run in the district. Recently in the year 2004, NIC, Mandla established Video Conferencing facility in the district.




    1. ChRIS(Child Record Information System)  Software for Health department:-

        NIC Mandla Developed this National & State award winning project for  Jabalpur Division. The project, the pioneer in this area, is to facilitate discouraging cases of child marriage, increasing institutional deliveries, decreasing the cases of female feticide, identifying beneficiaries for various government schemes like Ladli Lakshmi, Janani Kalyan, Deendayal, BalShakti etc. in this sector, reducing the risks at the time of birth, providing nutritional supplements to needy mothers and children, timely delivery of health services, and monitoring the growth of every child from 0-5 years. It also provides real time information on critical parameters such as IMR, MMR, etc. The system generates calendar for mandatory checkups & vaccination for each pregnant woman and Immunization calendar for child upto 5 years keeping in record details of the birth as well tracing child’s growth from 0 to 5 years. Integration of the schemes of various departments, viz., Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, Health & Family Welfare, and Elementary Education has taken place through ChRIS.     The pilot implementation of the project is started from Narayanganj block of Mandla  District.

    2. Samadhan Ek Din Mein (One Day governance)- Public facility centre setup & software/IT support

    “Smadhan ek din mein- Jan Suvidha Kendra (One Day Governance- Public Facility Centre)” occupies an important place as it is people oriented, transparent, most authentic and serving the cause of common people. Under this scheme in all the four Tehsils in Mandla District, a separate administrative unit called Samadhan ek din mein – Jan suvidha Kendra has been set up with a view to catering to the multifarious needs of the common people who in absence of such facilities have to under go a traumatic experience of have to go from one office to another to seek the required information and documents pertaining to revenue cases, date of birth certificate, caste certificate, domicile certificate, duplication ration card. For this program NIC Mandla has designed software in accordance with the district requirements and implemented it in all the 4 Jan Suvidha Kendras.

3. Software for "Sparsh Suchana Kendra":

Touch screen is a Government-to-Citizen Kiosk, which disseminates information to Public and brings transparency in Government transactions and functions.  District administration has set-up a "Sparsh Suchana Kendra" at Collectorate. Software has been developed by for dissemination of information of various sectors in Government.  We have chosen important sectors wherein there is direct Public access such as General Administration & Development, Education, Health, Agriculture, Employment, Tourism, Statistics, Entertainment, etc.

4. Software for "Aaya Mulak Sansadhan":

    The State Government is implementing a number of programmes in rural areas through District Rural Development Agency( DRDA) for poverty reduction, employment generation, rural infrastructure habitant development, provision of basic minimum services etc. Information plays a pivotal role in planning & decision-making. To meet the information needs of the various programmes of the DRDA, a database is required to know the available resources at villages level. A survey has been conducted for this purpose. Data collected through survey has been computerized. This database will be used to generate reports in different formats for planning and decision-making. 

    AMS software is meant for providing query based statistical reports to the user so that the district administration can take appropriate decision in the planning and socio-economy development of villagers. AMS provides the following functionally: Master database creation and its maintenance, Provide interface for storing data of survey, Village wise information maintenance, Report Generation.


    5. MIS for National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) 

For monitoring the status of implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, (NREGS), NIC HQ has developed an offline MIS software which is required to be implemented in all the blocks of the districts where NREGS is being implemented. Mandla district is leading in MIS Data entry among other districts in Madhya Pradesh

In preparedness for the implementation of the MIS for NREGS the household data from all the blocks in the district was compiled and sent to NIC HQ for processing. The offline MIS S/w was installed in all the blocks  with the processed data. The MIS has been implemented in all the Nine  blocks of the districts.

    6. MIS for PARAKH 

Parakh is a state govt. Programme for Monitoring of Basic Amenities/Services at root level.  Monthly collection of basic amenities data upto village level is done every month & monitored.

    7. Integrated Disesases Surveillance Project (IDSP)

In order to improve the efficiency of the existing surveillance activities, detect disease trends, evaluate control strategies of the disease control programmes and to facilitate sharing of relevant information with health administrators, community and   others the IDSP programme has been initiated by Govt of India, Ministry of Health. Implementation of the ICT part of the Project has been entrusted to NIC. The project involves installation and management of ICT infrastructure, ensuring regular data entry and upload etc. IDSP centre has been established at CMO's office Mandla. Data is being sent regularly.

      8. Agriculture Marketing Network (AGMARKNET)

 In order to minimize the role of middle man in marketing of Agricultural produce, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India has started an innovative central sector scheme (AGMARKNET) whereby the rates of different commodities that arrive in APMC's (Mandi's) are fed into the computer and the compiled data is then transmitted to NIC HQ to be displayed on the AGMARKNET portal. The rates of various commodities that arrive at various APMC's are available on the web site for the farmers to decide as to where to sell their produce. The project has been successfully implemented in Mandla, Bichhia and Nainpur APMC's (Mandi's) of the District and data is being sent regularly for display on the web site.

    9. Consumer Fora Networking (CONFONET)

 The Computerisation and Networking Project of District Consumer Forum was initiated in July 2006 with installation of hardware, setting up of LAN and installation of Application Software. Training to the staff of the District Consumer Forum was provided on basic computer operations and the operations of the software. Registration of backlog cases has been completed and the online registration of cosumer cases is being done. Daily cause-list is being uploaded on the web site.Weekly status of cases is transmitted to state consumer forum.

     10. Connectivity to Head Post Offices  

 The project involved commissioning of 2 MBPS LL between the HPO and the local NIC Centre and connecting the existing LAN of the GPO through Router and Swith to NICNET. The commissioning  of the LL and the establishment of connectivity was completed within the deadline and is functioning fine. GPO is using NICNET for their online applications.

    11. Election :

    NIC Mandla provides IT support in all election related works. Parliamentary Election, Loksabha Elections etc. Polling teams for deployment at various Polling centers have to be constituted within a short span of time. During this election time, the task became harder when polling personnel from different districts have come for deployment in elections. Our teamwork was very hard to successfully completion of this election.  

    Software application has been developed for pre-poll activities like training order generation, polling party construction, final order generation, randomisation of control and ballot units and post-poll activities like computerization of counting process, result processing, updation of results on election web site of EC, MP and NICHQ.

12. Training Programme:

NIC Mandla is providing training for developing computer awareness and to spread IT culture in the government departments. As a part of training process a training schedule has been devised on fundamentals of computer and MS office application for 15 days period. This training programme was organized three times in a year 2004. More than 50 State Government personnel have been trained during the year 2004.

We were actively involved in the computer training programme of teachers under HEADSTART project. This training programme was organized eight times and more than 180 teachers were trained under LINUX environment.


13. Video Conferencing Facility:

We were made an effort for the early establishment of Video Conferencing facility in our district. Video Conferencing facility established in Mandla by first week of October’ 2004. 20 Multi-Point conferences held for various departments in our district by December’ 2004. 

14. Other Projects implemented by NIC Mandla


(i) Database for GIS (iii) Touch Screen Kiosk (iv) Revenue Cases Monitoring System (vi) Public Grievances Monitoring System (vii) Time Limit Paper (viii) District Planning Layout 2004 (x) Results of 10th and 12th through Touch Screen

(i)  E-Court (ii) Gram Sachivalaya  (iii) Integrated Child Development Scheme (iv) E-Gram Suvidha (v) Public Distribution Management System (vi) Panchayati Raj Institutions (vii) 11 Points Programme (viii) Payroll (ix) BPL Survey (  (xi) Minor Irrigation Census (xii) IMR/MMR (xiii) Land Record Management System  (xiv) Disaster Management (xv) MIS for MPLAD (xvi) Community Need Assessment Approach (xvii) CROPINS



:ICT Infrastructure availabe at NIC Mandla

  • CISCO 7200 series Router – 1 No. 
  • CISCO 24 port Switch – 1 No.
  • Win 2008 Server - 1 no.
  • Win 2003 High End Server - 1 no.
  • Win 2000 Entry Level Server - 1 no.
  • Clients (Win) - 5 nos.
  • Client (Linux) – 1 no.
  • UPS  (10KVA / 5hr Backup) - 1 no.
  • UPS  (5KVA / 2hr Backup) - 1 no.
  • UPS  (2KVA / 2hr Backup) - 2 nos.
  • 34 MBPS leased Line Connectivity to NIC Bhopal
  • The Video-Conferencingrelated equipments (Polycom Camera, DAMA VSAT etc.) have been installed in the Video Conferencing Studio.



            The postal address of NIC Mandla is as under: -

            DIO, NIC


                MANDLA( M.P.) – 481661


            The staff details of NIC Mandla is as below: -




E-mail Address




Shri Chandan Tamrakar

District Informatics Officer (DIO)