How to Reach

By Air: Jabalpur is the nearest airport, 97 Km away from Mandla district, while Nagpur, 250 Km away from Mandla is the nearest most convenient airport. Indian Airlines operates daily Delhi-Nagpur (7:15) and Mumbai-Nagpur (6:40 & 19:40) flights. Jet Airways also has a daily flight schedule of Mumbai-Nagpur and Delhi-Nagpur.

By Rail:
Jabalpur is the nearest railhead. Daily trains between Delhi and Jabalpur are Mahakoshal Exp. (16:25) and Gondwana Express (14:30), while Mumbai is connected through the Mahanagari Exp. (00:10), Rajendra Ngr Exp. (23:40), Kolkata Mail (21:25), LTT RJPB Exp. (22:10) and Gorakhpur Express (6:35). Other major trains plying to Jabalpur include Sanghamitra Exp. (Bangalore-Jabalpur, 6:57, Tue & Fri) and Varanasi Exp. (Chennai-Jabalpur, 17:30, Mon & Sat).

By Road: There are regular to and fro bus services available from Jabalpur to Mandla. Cars can be hired from all the nearby towns to reach Mandla. The drive from Nagpur to Mandla  takes around 6 hours by car. The travel up to Seoni (130 km) on the Jabalpur National Highway is a smooth drive. From Seoni, take a right turn to Keolari, Nainpur and Chiraidongri to finally reach the Mandla. Another option is the drive from Jabalpur (well connected by train to major Indian cities) via Tikaria and Mandla.

Driving Directions from Bhopal to Mandla

On this Route - the Distance from Bhopal to Mandla is 422 km.
And Drive from Bhopal to Mandla takes about 8.45 hours by car.

START at Bhopal

                                                                    36 km 



Start from Bhopal Railway Station and take Hamida Road, Obedulla Ganj Road NH 12 cross Ganesh Nagar, Mandidip



                                                                     58 km


Continue on NH 12


                                                                    60 km



Go with NH 12 cross Bareli



                                                                   134 km


Continue with NH 12

            Shahpura (Bhitoni)


                                                                   37 km


                                                 Go with NH 12


                                                                   97 km



Take NH 12A and continue on road via Barela, Deodara

END  at Mandla


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