About District

Mandla District is situated in Satpura hills in the state of Madhya Pradesh of India. Mandla is surrounded by river Narmada on three sides and Narmada river passing through north-west side of Mandla. The most fertile part of the District falls in the valley of Banjr river which is an feeder river of Narmada, this fertile part of District is called ‘Haveli’. The hilly terrain on the southern part of ‘Haveli’ is covered with dense forests. Paddy, wheat and oil seeds are the majorly produced in the valleys of rivers. The production of lac, timber cutting, paan cultivation, animal husbandry, production mat and ropes are the people’s main employments.

For Administrative purpose Mandla District is subdivided into 6 Tehsils and 9 Development Blocks. There are three major Agricultural Markets- Mandla, Nainpur and Bichhiya in Mandla District.

  • Map of District Mandla
    Mandla Map